"Chatting with Mr. Saul was a total breeze - he'd stick with me even when I was just talking in circles. I'm so thankful for those few times we had when I could just spill all my thoughts about everything and anything." R/ Germany

 "It’s easy to make progress with Saul Turner because he is listening to what you are saying carefully, provides helpful examples based on his own experiences and helps you to reflect on yourself without making you feel bad about yourself. . Being able to talk with Saul Turner on a regularly basis produced already positive effects on my life within a short amount of time."  D/ UK

"Thanks Saul for all your help in this difficult time of my life, you have taken me from rock bottom to the top of the rock. Your insight and guidance to my needs has helped me improve my life and give me the coping skill I need to battle the demons with inside my mind, alway punctual and always allowed me the time to chat some more than the schedule. You have brought back the self awareness back to my life. Live for today as yesterday has gone and tomorrow's a mystery. Thank you for your time" T/United Kingdom

"Thanks for your help in getting to understand my self better" E/USA


"Saul Is a great listener and offers great advice and support. I was searching for answers in my head they weren’t there and worrying about things that happened even happened. Saul understands and doesn’t judge at all.
Top man Saul" 


"Saul is a great person and a compassionate counsellor and i’d definitely recommend him to those who fight addictions and anxiety disorders. He listens, he cheers you up and checks up on you. I was lucky to have him as a therapist and want to thank him for providing me with things that can help to fight my demons and just in general for being there for me."  S/ poland


"Saul is extremely friendly, does not judge and manages to keep calm and calm me down. He is a good listener and down to earth and can relate to my issues with a sprinkle of good humour. He is punctual and comes up with ideas that I could not come up with on my own. Also I think it is amazing that he checks in on me once in a while, even outside of the session by messaging over the app. Better call Saul!"   L/Austria


"Saul is incredibly down to earth and easy to talk to. He was incredibly quick to work out what made me tick and used that to help guide my therapy. Within our therapy sessions I managed to undo over a decades worth of suffering, and have now found a new quality of life. I was initially skeptical of therapy in general, with a fear of either being judged or being told my problems weren't so bad. Thanks to Saul I realise my fears were unfounded."   S/nottingham